Escape from Tarkov streamer Pestily on the verge of beating xQc as the most subscribed creator on Twitch

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Twitch streamer and former Australian army man Paul “Pestily” Licari is merely 400 subscribers away from becoming the most-subscribed streamer on the platform.

Pestily has been actively streaming on Twitch since October 2017, right around the time he quit the Army, where he worked as an infantryman for eight years. After feeling the need to do “something different” in life, Pestily took a three-month long break during which he decided to try his hands at Twitch streaming.

He generally plays/streams Escape from Tarkov, with almost 90% of his overall streams related to the game. Initially, the streamer also posted various “Just chatting” streams during which he would interact with viewers while fishing as well.

Pestily is currently in the middle of a 50-day subathon event that began around June 30th and is still ongoing. The streamer has hosted multiple giveaways during the event that have left him on the verge of becoming the most-subscribed content creator on the platform.

According to TwitchTracker, Pestily currently has exactly 66,314 subscribers. This leaves him at #2, with streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel currently leading with exactly 66,708 subscribers. However, with Pestily’s subathon event currently underway, the streamer is expected to have already surpassed xQc’s total subscribers.

So far, Pestily has hosted 12 PC giveaways as part of the event, which is also one of the reasons for the surge in subscribers. At the end of June, Pestily had no more than 17,642 subscribers. He has gained almost 50k subs since the beginning of July. The streamer is on the verge of becoming the most-subscribed creator on Twitch, but has still got some way to go as far as overall followers are concerned.

Currently, Pestily has no more than 964k followers, a number that pales in comparison to most other top Twitch streamers. Regardless, Pestily is still a relatively new streamer who has since the beginning of 2020 benefitted from an increased interest in the game Escape from Tarkov on Twitch.

Regardless, the streamer is one of the many who have benefited from hosting a “Twitch subathon” event, and has been live since around June 30th. Earlier, Twitch streamers such as Ludwig Ahgren and Ryan “PandaTV” Dingle have also benefitted hugely from similar subathon events that include giveaways or charity donations.

As far as philanthropy is concerned, Pestily hosted a plethora of charity streams from August 2020 till the beginning of 2021, and ended up raising more than $1.2 million for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The streamer raised exactly $1,240,327.76 after streaming for around 2300 hours. Pestily earlier promised that he will continue to give back to charitable causes and has some fun ideas for 2021:

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