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Australian YouTube star famous for posting Escape from Tarkov content. He streams while gaming. His Pestily YouTube channel has gained over 500,000 subscribers. Buy Pestily Merch Here!

Pestily Merch

About Pestily Merch

He first got into gaming as a teenager, playing Half Life under the alias “[HoA] Pestilence,” which is how he got his name. At the same time, I was playing browser-based games like TDZK, where he was a member of the alliance [KAOS], which ultimately won the game as it approached its conclusion. He still has trophies and medals from LAN parties he attended when he was younger and was enjoying his gaming days. He was an active player in Counter-Strike 1.6.

His actual gaming interest has been in first-person shooters like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Escape from Tarkov, as well as titles like Diablo 2 or Diablo 3 and Path of Exile, though he did get into World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 in an almost sickening fashion.

Pestily Personal Life and Gaming Career

Moving on to his professional life and career, Pestily made the decision to launch his social media influencer business as a full-time endeavor in 2018. He resigned from his military position to seek a career in the video game industry. From a young age, Pestily showed a keen interest in video games and excelled at them. So he made the decision to pursue a career in gaming as an adult.

 He has tens of thousands of admirers all over the world because of his engaging gameplay and interactive videos. Initially, Pestily used to broadcast a game on Twitch called Escape From Tarkov. He later began playing shooting games, which helped him become more well-known and well-liked.

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